02 October 2013

Robby from Henderson, TN  


Don't let the national optimism slip, people. Don't let what is good in America die because of a political process that doesn't reflect the sentiments of its people.

The election cycle will catch up with the selfish and the wrong. We will never cede our voice as citizens and our innate natural rights as annunciated so many years ago.

Never, never, never give up on this country. Remember that we are an experiment--the longest and most complex in the history of the world. But we're not done yet. We're not done striving and adapting and talking and negotiating and forging through debate and compromise and helping hand a better future for our children.

Kid President (whose real name is Robby Novak) is the real barometer of how we are as a country. What hope does he have? What dreams does he develop? So long as Robby feels inspired and hopeful in his future, America will never die.

So I say tonight:

To Hell with this government shutdown.

To Hell with political and economic brinksmanship.

To Hell with holding hostage a people for the sake of partisan scorekeeping.

Let's all reach out and help those who are out of work this week and need help paying the bills, buying food, caring for children, going to school or otherwise living a life. Let's show Congress the real power of our citizenry by living our lives independent of their banal bickering. Never forget that we lead Congress, and they follow us.

Let's lead. 

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